Makeup For Fall/Winter 2014

Although they have been out for awhile, the cooler weather is sending my clients in looking for what's new in makeup for Fall/Winter 2014.  I really like the looks this season, color on the eyes in smoky deep blues, greens, teals and pinks mixed with copper, metallic deep bronze or grays.  Monotone looks are out, nude looks are out, browns (except coppers) are out.  Lips are colorful and vibrant I am seeing more sangria's and berry tones in cream formula's rather than shimmer, topped with non shimmer glosses.  Cheeks are barely there in russets and bronzes with a hint of pink. Foundation formulas are slightly dewy and smooth with no additional shimmer and more coverage.  Not matte, not wet looking either somewhere in between.  As with all looks, anything can be translated to the person who prefers little makeup to the person who loves a glamorous look.

Ever wonder how these trends are forecasted?   Have you noticed that the seasonal color palettes of all companies while different replicate in some ways?  By the time fashion publications start releasing trends for the next season cosmetic manufacturers have already produced the product for purchase.   As a retailer of cosmetics I too have to forecast my coming season. The last mistake you want to make is to end up with a load of colors that no one likes.  On the other hand, you also don't want to end up with requests for colors that you don't have in stock because you played it safe.  Missed sales, or ending up with unsaleable stock equals the same problem.

Coming season trends are forecasted in as much as year before you or I as the consumer actually see it.  Its a very complex formula - and it depends on many factors -  the economy being a strong indication as to what people will purchase.   I am not talking about whether people are spending, rather, what they will  spend money on.  When the economy is in a down cycle consumers are less likely to buy trend.  They want something that will last.  They want safe, they want gray, brown and black.  Everything from furniture, to architecture, to clothing and cosmetics will reflect "safety zone" (remember 2009 - 2012 blah years)?  Certainly many other factors come into play as well - for cosmetics I think boredom in seeing the same looks slightly modified over a couple seasons will stimulate some offering of change. Usually its only in one category such as just eyeshadow or just lipstick.  This year its both.  The looks in makeup for Fall/Winter remind me of the 80's, but toned down, wearable and beautiful as opposed to theatrical.  Pantone is the leader in forecasting trend colors.  Fall 2014 colors were released earlier this year and can be seen here.  Sure enough makeup and fashion are reflecting Pantone's Fall 2014 color palette.

My Fall must have's for makeup:

  • Switch foundation.  The rage of BB and CC's are great for summer, but for fall and winter a little more coverage is needed.  I recommend Mineral Cream Liquids which allow buildable application from barely there to full coverage.  
  • A duo set in shadows containing a copper/bronze and one other color in the blue/teal family in either a matte or shimmer.  Custom color duo shadows are a great choice here as you pick the colors for your set though I am seeing these color choices in fixed palettes as well.
  • Powderliner pencil in Navy, Teal, Plum, or Charcoal
  • Translucent LOOSE powder.  With the "more coverage" foundations no need for cake powders on top.
  • Definitely a lip in the berry pink/orchid range. My favorite this year Wild Orchid in a liquid lipstick formula for perfect glossy cream finish, and no additional lipgloss necessary.