Sea Salt and Perfect Skin

The Coast at Alligator Point, Florida

The Coast at Alligator Point, Florida

Most of us tend to have a negative connotation towards salt and I get it - too much of it in the diet causes bloating, and high blood pressure plus dehydration.    The particular salt I am speaking of negatively is common table salt, or sodium chloride, a salt which is cleansed of its mineral content then produced and sold in mass quantities very cheaply. Then there are the other salts…….

Sea salt and Epsom Salt.  

Ever noticed how great your skin looks at the beach?  How acne and other skin issues magically disappear after some time spent in the sea?  Sea salts and epsom salts are wonderful for the skin a curative for body aches and pains.  Certain salts have the ability to attract and hold water which is why they are used in moisturizing formulas.  Weird that salts can be intregal to an anti aging regimen - in my personal experience using salts in my formulations and skin care routine has improved the texture and clarity of my own skin, and the skin of my clients.  The salt derivatives I use in creams and soaps are different than salts used in in bath soaks and scrubs - sodium lactate being my favorite for cream a moisturizing derivative from milk.  In soap making I do add in sodium lactate,  but also produce other salts naturally during the process of saponification.  Olive oil turns into sodium olivate, coconut oil turns into sodium cocoate -  the fatty acid salts of olive oil and coconut oil, and the same for all oils used.

The minerals contained in Sea Salts and epsom salts vary. The two I am most interested in are magnesium and calcium.   Magnesium can penetrate the skin hence soaking in an epsom salt bath reduces inflammation and pain.  Calcium works as a detoxifier on the skin.

I am a big proponent of salt scrubs and soaks for this reason.  Aside from sloughing off dead skin cells, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, salt scrubs and soaks can improve the texture and quality of our skin as well as aid in hydration.  Our Miracle Body Salt Scrub is an emulsified scrub, meaning that with the addition of water the base turns into a lotion in the shower.  I then layer on Miracle Body Jojoba and Shea cream.  For salt soaks I prefer the addition of milk powders and lavender oil for the best results.  The only down side to using salt based product is that they will sting if used after shaving (so either grit your teeth a bit, or wait in between shaves before using). For cleansing our sea salt soaps containing an equal amount of sea salt to a coconut/avocado/castor oil blend are fantastic, and produce a thick, hearty lather more like a cream than the loose bubbles a regular soap produces.  

The most perfect self tanning regimen is a result of scrubbing the body before application then layering a hydrating cream on before applying self tanner.  We call this service a Body Bronzing Salt Glow and does it ever produce beautiful results (as well as being a relaxing service).

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